Saturday, February 16, 2013


Hey cats and kittens, friends and neighbors, and all our localized kit-n-kaboodlin’ theater rat packs, it’s time to think real hard and get your keisters to the hip-happening folderol that is Kaleidoscope ’13 at the Bremerton Community Theater February 28 to March 2nd.  (And if you’re hungry and like award ceremonies, there’s a brunch on Sunday, March 3rd.)

Our hostess with the mostest (duties to perform to see this happen), Rana Tan is shepherding eight (count ‘em - EIGHT!) plays brought from EVERY CORNER OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON.  Okay, maybe not Pend Oreille or Wahkiakum or Point Roberts – but it’s a pretty dang near comprehensive collection of Eastside and Westside offerings from some of your favorite community theaters.

What’s that – you don’t have a favorite?  Well, that’s why it’s a competition, so you can see all this hot stuff from everywhere and then choose your favorite and be ticked off at the adjudicators for not picking your favorite as the Best of Everything That’s Cool and Mighty.

What’s that – there’s knowledgeable adjudicators, who give short pithy evaluations on the fly and hand out awards and then send a couple of worthy productions onto the Regional IX Festival in Richland WA on March 29-30, so they might possibly move on to the *gasp* AACTFest ’13 National One-Act Theatre Festival in CARMEL, INDIANA?!  Yes, yes there are adjudicators, who speak in run-on sentences JUST LIKE THAT LAST ONE!

But surely, there’s more to this event than just fantastic theater and ALL-CAPS HYPERBOLE?  Well, yeah.  There’s voting, there’s raffle baskets (don’t scoff – many children today are the direct result of somebody winning a raffle basket filled with chocolate and wine #ka-wink#), and we’re trying to pull off the First EVER Kaleidoscope Script Swap.  (Details later – same Bat-Internet, same bat-URL . . .)
So get your twitchy fingers a-clicking those keys so you’re at the Bremerton CommunityTheater Kaleidoscope website (Google it, Bing it, it’s out there I’m telling ya) where you can find out the plays, the companies, the low-low prices for tickets, the proper hotels (first choice hotel FULL - second choice hotel FILLING – hupshaw, hupshaw, reserve them suites now!), and the order of the shows.  Shows on Thursday evening (the 28th), Friday evening (the 1st – no 29th this year!), Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening (coincidentally, both the 2nd).  And on Sunday WE BRUNCH!  And award.

And did you know if you’re a WSCTA member, you get to vote on WSCTA awards?  And there’s gonna be a table at the event covered in raffle baskets and ballots with a smiling happy me to explain what a cool thing the WSCTA is?  No foolin’!  I’m like totally there for you!

Well, and cuz I wanna see all these shows. 

My hope Ted (our Prez) slips in some links to give you direct access (note from Ted:  yes, I added the BCT link), but I just wanna say I ordered my tickets on the phone from 360-373-5152, because, dang-it (honest, Microsoft Word thinks dang-it is misspelled without the hyphen), community theater is about volunteers taking your ticket orders.  And, oh, the um, theater the community puts together to AMAZE THEIR NEIGHBORS!

Ready to be amazed?  Get clickin’. 

More details later, but not much later because this event is nippin’ at our heels.

“Unky” Sean Walbeck

 . . . geez, where’s that guy been hiding? . . .


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