Friday, March 29, 2013


     So you’re finding yourself in the Tri-Cities this weekend, (or like me, crossing mountains to get there) and may be wondering, what’s the AACTFest’s National One-Act Play Competition Region IX Festival in Richland WA got to offer you?  After all, life’s short and the DVR’s not gonna watch itself, right?
      Well, lemme give you five reasons.
(1)   You only want to see good plays?  Well, guess what?  Adjudicators from Oregon and Washington, in separate state competitions, chose four of these plays to send forward.  Speaking as someone who saw one of those festivals:  you missed some good stuff already.  Now you have the chance to see what evolution has wrought.
(2)  Economic incentive:  FIVE plays from THREE STATES over TWO DAYS for the low low price of $20.  At these prices, you can’t afford to miss ‘em.  The most plays we’ve had at a Region IX Festival EVER!  (Unless I’m wrong, which has happened before, but I’m out on this limb anyway, so I’m just gonna dangle with purpose.)
(3)  Bonus material:  on Saturday, before the Festival kicks off the final leg, there’s a Troupe performance from ACT/Richland at 11am.  Like, just so you could watch more stuff.
(4)  Adjudicators step it up for the Regional – only one show goes to national, and there’s some seriously scrutiny brought to bear.  And you get to watch that scrutiny.
(5)   Scenic amazement:  10x10 box; 10 minutes set-up; 60 minutes (or less) show; 10-minute take down – and the word is every single show does something INCREDIBLE with these limitations. 

And that’s if you just like shows and adjudicating.  Washington’s got a serious streak going on – can either Oregon or Idaho break through to Nationals?  Who picks up other awards at the dessert Saturday night?  And when are you gonna get the chance to see the National champion without a ticket to Carmel IN, hmm? 
     So click on the helpful links to the Richland Players all over this site for the show times (mainly Friday starting at 6pm and Saturday starting at 12:30pm), and make the effort this weekend.  Lotta sweet hard work ramped up for the big-time.
       And who wants to miss the big time when the artists from Beaverton, Lake City, Spokane, Tualatin, and Bremerton come to Richland to unfurl their magicks?
       Not me, that’s who.   

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